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Founded at the end of 2012 the AO,,CENTRUL ECOLOGIC – RECUPERARE, RECICLARE, REINTEGRARE “ organisation ( eco-green 3Rcentre)  was established to facilitate technology transfer and help communities to tackle critical development challenges. Follow –up decision taken at Coordination and Management meeting of April 2016 the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted our organisation special consultative status.                                                                        
Since its foundation the centre, manage to build a dialogue platform and project models warehouse designed to help the public to unlock the potential of modern technologies and innovative solutions and their associated benefits for society. In an attempt to better utilize its resources and promote projects sustainability, the Organization has concentrated its efforts in poverty-stricken rural communities. The key priority include such areas as cleaner production activities, innovation technologies, renewable energy, sustainable consumption and pressing challenges as poverty.

Country context

On that chapter Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe faced challenges in sustaining the progress. The jobs diagnostic explores the main labor demand and supply challenges in Moldova in more detail, while the analysis of structural transformation focuses on the agricultural sector and whether it can become a driver of progress. Country vulnerability on this aspect arises in particular from the socio-economic importance of agriculture, given that half of the population resides in rural areas and about a third of the workforce is engaged in agriculture. The hardship is been caused by high dependence on imported energy, outdated agricultural services, soil degradation, poverty and low living standards.  Addressing these challenges finally is critical for sustainable growth, poverty reduction, and shared prosperity in coming
Sustainable support strategy  

By partnering with many of the country “ Local Public Administrations , civil society , world’s leading companies , and NGOs the Centre seeks to develop a new vision for the future, one in which humanity and the natural world coexist in harmony. Instead of resources overconsumption up 2 to 3 times more of the Earth’s than what is available ( on international study warns ) , we envisage to stop degradation factors while improving human life quality .

Resources management and accountability,

The effective protection, design and management of local , including human , resources, particularly in  disadvantaged communities is critical preconditions for poverty reduction and the fulfilment of human rights in rural areas. They needed for transparent assessing the current development situation, setting objectives and targets for the future and measuring progress and development. Community resources date’s integration could dramatically change resources transparency- accountability flexibility in facing complex and multiple stress situations that blur the boundaries between relief and development. Putting online local resources potential and  on effective tool for fostering and identifying innovative development solutions to produce development outcomes more effectively and resource planning system is key challenges to create a community thriving , verdant , secure for all and improve human life .

Partnership commitments                                                                                                                                                                 Experience has shown that the combined effort of collection care, facility management, and administrative staff committed to achieving an optimal storage climate is the best approach.  Based on communication framework the seven “Local Public Administrations” where lives of habitants in the area is difficult represented its interest to join ours sustainable development initiative. In identifying potential projects, the interconnected healthy environment and economic prosperity level of the beneficiaries was our prime consideration. Our volunteers were required to visit the beneficiaries to understand their situation and needs. Recognizing the interdependence between economic growth, poverty reduction and sustainable development, the choices we make in our work is to inspire innovative, scalable, proof-of-concept solutions to address most urgent challenge;                                                                                                                                             

i. to make our communities  safer, more resilient and sustainable                                                                 
ii  ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns                                                                                                 
iii. To take urgent practical action to combat climate change and its impacts.                                                 
iv. Enhance Consumer Lifestyle for future generations 

Promotion coexistence and reintegration;
As part of the contractual agreements with Local public administrations, we provide to establish measures and incentives whereby, profits from the more advantageous activities to re-invested in the Infrastructure and Social and Environmental Programs that combining business success with social equity, to provide sustainable community development. The core idea is to compel a “new functionalism” whereby driven decisions on agricultural and energy resources rational management , webpage design, scheduling, underwriting and so forth are made not only by "LPA" team” but by a specialised unit of technical analysts. Visualisation techniques in particular will help to bridge the gap between technical experts and general managers.  Data will be treated as workflow network infrastructure and managed accordingly.  The long term, intervention strategy is to check the community resources potential available and catalyse innovative approaches through data-driven decision tool to further develop these ideas towards scaling.                                    
The proposed Community data driven decision tool will lead to foster rural community development strategies that to engage Local Public Administrations to disclose and address the impacts brought about by demographic change to improve of a situation in terms of social and economic benefits.   

Civic Education Project

Central to this approach is rural youth access to education, its quality and Social inclusion which is a central notion of the 2030 Agenda, whose effective implementation is among the key priorities for the EU. On those circumstances as sites exploration for project development where identified Chetrosu, Drochia district in the Northern part and Purcari, Stefan Voda district in Southern part of the country.  The project major aim is to facilitate and reinforce vulnerable youths social orientation, participation, and cohesion through learning and though practical onsite solutions to generate on impetus that can be harnessed by others. Developed to be demonstrational and transformational in character and impact project outcomes seeks to deliver social benefits to low-income of marginalized people while generating at early stage of development a financial return. The key priority include such areas as cleaner production activities, innovation technologies, renewable energy, sustainable consumption and pressing challenges as poverty. Quantifying the social, economic and environmental advantages that project will deliver co-benefits transferred to local communities - from training to job creation, fuel savings to time-saving’s, infrastructure development to resources moderate consumption and ecosystem conservation.                                    

Actually, we have limited our pilot to vulnerable youths because of the preponderance of unemployment rate and demographic changes in our communities. If the pilot proves successful, we provide to include in our program elderly homeless people. Finally, the premise that project provide to work on two levels—in the short term for recovering infrastructure financial outlays and the longer term for creating social, economic and ecologic impact. First level: exploring the world best innovative solutions and modern non-pollutant modern technologies upon logical comparative work and proved calculations, we choose the most convenient infrastructure interconnected key elements crucial for “Village of the Future” autonomy. Second level: in order to justify project efficiency and cost we plan at this level through Simulation Modelling to run, build and watch societal changes with custom paths. We are committed fully to play our role in this integrate collective effort with our associated partners and look forward to working with partners from other countries, civil society and other stakeholders around the world towards a fairer and better society.



Innovative Technologies Development Center  Strategy

             Our work is most successful when we work collaboratively with our clients to explore, uncover and leverage their unique innovative capabilities.                                              There is simply no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business - but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, and insight.                                                               

Poverty Reduction                                              
Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Programme                The Programme strongly promotes the development of agro-industries in the region, such as food processing, textiles, footwear and shoe manufacturing to assist the countries in upgrading their technological and marginal capabilities, quality of goods and increasing food safety in compliance with international norms and standards.                                                                                                                         


        Using Center ( Informational Technologies ) IT for development of economic wellbeing we provide and offer large scale sustainable community programs development and projects managing .                                                                            The EGMT Center Web Page provides a unique opportunity for local communities libraries to become publishers in their own right, instead of being the passive, pass-through organizations we've been in the past. We can take the information that's been available in many scattered forms – in card files, on little sheets of paper that we keep tucked next to the reference desk in the children's services desk – and put that information together so it can be used not only by people within the library, but also by people all over the Country as they tie into the Web with their own computers.

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