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The choices we make in our project is to inspire innovative, scalable, proof-of-concept educational solutions to make our communities more safe, resilient and sustainable. All the buildings will be equipped with modern, energy saving technologies and there will be used such renewable energy sources like biomass, wind, photovoltaic and solar energy. To get the cost reduction technologies for buildings is provide to use in quality of innovative materials plastic bottles ( bricks) ; do not fear the cold and moisture,  earthquake-resistant too, so ideal for construction. The reuse of its core materials will allow the Green Village to build homes in a fraction of the time, and at huge savings, in a cost efficient manner compared to traditional materials used locally. A wall made of so called “bottle bricks” is up to 20-times stronger than a wall constructed of concrete cinder blocks. The plastic Bottles buildings design goal’s is to create an educational centre that will be train individuals how to make a building systems by reusing plastic bottles as a construction materials. For the construction of internal access roads and footpaths infrastructure is provide to use naturally occurring materials, scree gravels, rock down to the desired size using mechanical crushers, or manually using hammers.











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